Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 21 Feb 2020

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Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 21 Feb 2020

Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 21 Feb 2020 Episode: Shlok And Anjalis Haldi Ceremony

Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 21 Feb 2020: Anjali calls for two individuals for assistance, says today I’ll go, you’ll require assistance, how are you going to handle all alone, Aaji says that I don’t like outsiders, ” I will handle everything. You concentrate on your wedding rather than me, and following Haldi, you are not allowed to go out. Anjali appears at her airport reservation. Shraddha says, seem she did not enjoy it, she’s dying to fulfil Jiju.

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Prabhas will get buckle for Dhruv to heal his midsection, says use it under your clothing, Dhruv denies Prabhas moves.
Anjali says that I Must Speak to Aaji around Haldi and clarify Shloks situation. Haldi service starts. Ajooba means this oldy needs to have maintained Haldi here is receptive, she needs one to tan, so Shraddha sees Ajooba is in tears and colours do not conceal tears out of your people and eliminate his glasses.

Ajooba says its dusty here,” Aaji says we all understand you’re psychological for Anjali, seem Anjali that your Ajooba is psychological.

Ajooba employs Haldi into Anjali, Anjali chooses his blessings, all have psychological, all employ every other Haldi. Anjali appears at that moment. Anjali freshens up and begins thinking about how she can inform Aaji concerning it, and she can not go without telling Aaji. Anjali sees everybody is active; she strives to speak about Aaji, Aaji active in work does not devote her time.

Aaji says that I must go to the temple its late; Anjali remains home. Do not go outside, and you can’t go out today and leaves. Everybody leaves the temple.

Anjali begins thinking of things to do today. Anjali gets her purse and leaves. Rekha dance with pleasure, thinking that she’s going to triumph over Aaji, Anjali may select her and go Mumbai.

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Anjali is not aware Prabhas has listed her. Pradhan praying and acting aarti to get Anjali and Shloks joyful lifestyle, Jhawar’s current there. Also, Vikas says let us talk tomorrow marriage all rituals to prevent last-minute confusion.
Prabhas advises Rekha who Anjali is currently in Mumbai together with Shlok, Rekha says that this is simply the start, watch and wait.

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