Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 20 Feb 2020

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Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 20 Feb 2020

Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 20 Feb 2020

Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 20 Feb 2020: Sundarlal and Rekha Dancing on Marathi song. Anjali says to Aaji they seemed so pretty straight, Aaji says they did and believes now just wait and observe your Aaji and Ajooba. Shraddha and Dhruv start their functionality, Dhruv slides off the chandelier.

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Prabhas calls Shlok and Anjali outside and says that the customer we were attempting to pitch has organized a meeting at Mumbai, Shlok congratulates him says its own Anjalis great charm, Prabhas says Anjali this is great, they need us to return tomorrow, but I have requested for two days after, Shlok says no job to get atleast 1 month later marriage, mother will go.

Prabhas Shlok now concentrates on livelihood, and your duties, Shlok says chill mama and depart. Anjali hears Rekha and Prabhas speak, Rekha says that he won’t ever change I shall just go for a meeting.

Anjali walks into Rekha and says Ma can I speak to you personally, Rekha says im glad that you just called me Ma, also says that my Shlok is quite a wonderful individual, but these excellent qualities, also require little understanding of duties, people always benefit from it,

I believed after marriage he’ll understand it, however, he’s using marriage as a reason to eliminate duties, show him the ideal path, im not bothering you, just showing you exactly what exactly are good and bad he’s, I hope you Anjali, I know you’ll treat him.

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Rekha thinks of all of the insults of Aaji and believes now Anjali shortly will probably be in my phrases. Anjali considering Rekha’s words, Shlok proceeds to get the pan in his normal place, also says following marriage uncle I’ll get my wife also,

Anjali leaves Shloka telephone, Shlok says next time I will purchase 3 utensils once you’ll be here, Anjali says Shlok that I would like you to visit assembly to Mumbai, Shlok says one day before marriage isn’t possible Anjali, also that I do not wish to move away from you at this moment, Anjali says what I shall come with you, Shlok gets agrees and excited. (Dadi Amma Maan Jao Written Update 20 Feb 2020)

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