Dabangg 3 First Review: Money Collected with Climax

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Dabangg 3 First Review: Salman Khan has brought tsunami, money collected with Climax

Salman Khan starrer Dabangg 3 is releasing tomorrow, ie on Friday, December 20, but a section of the media has watched the film and is not backing down to praise it. If you believe the initial review of Dabangg 3, then the box office is about to explode.

Salman Khan is all set to give a great Christmas and New Year to fans with commercial spices. If seen, Dabangg 3 is a film of fans, not critics. So whatever the review, the film is a blockbuster.


According to a report by Koimoi, the second half of the film is tremendous. It has the full spice of the film. Whereas in the first half, the entire emotional drama has been finished. The second half is only for the masala public.

Salman Khan may be the USP

of this film, but the prequel angle of the film and its story gives newness to the Dabangg franchise. The second half is a revenge drama. The climax is the best part of the film.

By the way, know what else you are going to see in the film –

Tremendous action

The film has a great action dose. And whenever Salman Khan comes in his action avatar, where do you believe without breaking two-four table chairs. Dabangg 3 also has a full dose of such spicy action.

Great comedy

The most special thing in Dabangg 3 is Salman Khan’s comedy. Now every day, you will get a bit of a flirtatious police officer. That is, the film will get full-on entertainment.

Some different story

The story this time is refreshing, slightly different from the story of each time. Because this time the story is from Pandey Ji’s Chulbul to Robin Hood. So obviously the frills will also be new. Anyway, prequel stories have their fun.

Especially the film will get a good opening weekend because of Salman Khan. Salman Khan has a strong fan following. The benefit of which will be seen at the box office. The film can offer opening weekends of up to 100 crores.

Dabangg 3 First Review

Brand new romance

Salman Khan will be seen with a brand new pair after a long time. In such a situation, fans are going to have a lot of fun in seeing them romancing fresh. This time Salman’s Naina has fought with Sai Manjrekar, daughter of Mahesh Manjrekar.

Strong villain

The villain of the film is as strong as every time. While Salman had engaged Lanka of Chedi Singh in the first and second parts, this time Kannada superstar Kicha Sudeep has messed up with Salman Khan.

Mrs. Rajjo Pandey

Sonakshi Sinha makes her sense of being strong in every domineering. This time too, she will only charge two pinches of vermilion from Chulbul Pandey. It is also fantastic to see him in a strong avatar.

Choppy Dialogues

Salman Khan means salt and his spoken dialogues mean spice. And when it comes to the Dabangg franchise, such spicy dialogues are filled in the film.

Surprise Cameo

Now this will be confirmed only tomorrow. Although Salman alone is enough for his film, a small fat surprise will make the day of fans.

Shahrukh’s name

Now Shahrukh is not right, his name is correct. In the film, Salman’s heroine will once again love Shah Rukh Khan. Now it is not easy to get anyone’s heart on Shahrukh !!

The infamous Munna

Salman Khan and item number mean full money. So what are you sitting in, get the tickets instantly, while you get it too? Because Dabangg 3 is houseful at the moment.

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