Choti Sardarni Written Update 19 March 2020

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Choti Sardarni Written Update 19 March 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 19 March 2020: Sarab Apologizes To Meher

Scene 1

Choti Sardarni Written Update 19 March 2020: Meher informs Sarab about Perry. Sarab says I must understand about Sandhu’s reality. However, Perry too. Meher says we’ve got to show this movie to Harleen. She’d consider us. Keep this telephone on your own. I’m going home. Sarab says cease.

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The conditions. Param and I had been playing a match. I went into the bath. Does Meher say what exactly are you saying? You need to go home and break.

Minni says that we ought to get 2 crores prior to the wedding. They depart. Robbie says I forgot that the keys inside. Bitu says I behaved well. They could not guess that it was not the supervisor. Rana says can you give her two crores? You don’t have any cash.

Kulwant says I will not give her a cent. I’ll hit her slippers. I shall show them the celebrities in the morning. Can Minni state how dare you? I will observe how you receive this wedding completed. Kulwant says we had been making fun. We had been scaring you just. Robbie says they had been joking. Thank God.

I believed they were severe. Minni kills him and says they’re winners. They do not have anything. Dolly is correct, these individuals are beggars. Where’s my daughter? Ginni. Minni says let us go. Does Ginni say? Minni says that you won’t wed this failure.

Ginni says I’m an adult and that I will marry my selection. I shall call the authorities if anyone attempts to induce me. You see exactly what I do today. They depart.

Sandhu says if this movie becomes uncontrollable nobody will marry you. Could not you manage a woman? Perry says I attempted to search for her but could not find her. Sandhu is going to smack him. He says she’s Atari’s lioness. We should not have taken her softly.

If she makes this movie viral we’ll eliminate all our small business. Does her supervisor say exactly what to do? He says kidnap Meher or her cellphone. Mrs. Sandhu says to speak to Harleen once. I am certain that she’ll help you.
Sarab looks.

He says Meher that the home is here. Meher says I dropped asleep. Sarab says seems like you have not slept either. Can Meher say means? He leaves. Meher recalls what occurred. Sarab abandoned in anger. Sarab says I’ve hurt you a great deal. Sorry is a little term for all that I mentioned.

Param texted Ginni out of the cell phone. I think of your choice but I had been blinded by mistake. We’ll be staff and find this union done. Does Sarab say? Meher says as I said so. Sarab says great night. Meher leaves. Sarab says that I love you Meher.

Minni says that I do not need this wedding completed. Minni says do not ask me questions. Robbie says Kulwant tricked her into thinking they’re fine men and women.

Kulwant says to Bitu and Rana does not tell everything to Meher. Hopefully Harleen and everybody also. Can Kulwant state what magic did you perform? Meher says we’ll all know in the daytime.

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How do you deny it today? Harleen says maybe not anymore. Your own MIL explained how can anybody say anything when the woman and boy’s mothers are prepared. Now, who’s Kulwant in case the woman’s mother is not agreeing? Sarab says I do not understand the reason behind saying yes and today no.

But I will show you a movie which can show that Perry is not the ideal man for Ginni. Can Dolly say what is in this telephone? Sarab says I’ve control Meher’s telephone and show you his facts. Harleen smirks.

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