Choti Sardarni Written Update 18 March 2020

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Choti Sardarni Written Update 18 March 2020

Choti Sardarni Written Update 18 March 2020: Sarab Realizes His Mistake

Scene 1

Choti Sardarni Written Update 18 March 2020: Perry says you’re creating my movie, right? He calls his father says we’ve got a guest at my party. Would you like to know that? He states, is she there? Sandhu says to delete this movie at this time. Meher runs. Perry’s guys run. Perry says, go. Perry says, proceed and stop her if you need to crush her vehicle. Proceed, everybody.

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Choti Sardarni Written Update 18 March 2020: Pram plays Sarab. Sarab remembers his minutes with Meher. Param states you lost your self to make me win. Meher mama used to shed out of one to make you happy also. Losers say they dropped with their very own will. Sarab says I recall everything. I hope it works out and what’s like it used to be.

Perry’s guys are following her. Hos telephone is off. Param picks up the phone and says I answer with two halves. Sarab accomplishes this. Sarab responded with two halves. Parma says if a person sends you smiley, I ship two and once I send two halves.

Sarab states, do you do it before? Sarab recalls Meher attempted to inform him. He remembers everything that occurred. Meher responded with a single smiley and two thumbs. Param tells how he met from Meher’s telephone number. He recalls Meher stating she did not lie.

Scene two

Ginni claims to Rana I need pizza. He states where I can get them out of. Ginni claims that this connection could be over. Kulwant claims to Amrita wow, she needs another pizza. Rana states mummy is I want cash. Ginni wants moisturizer. Rana says that she uses imported items.

Meher calls. Sarab picks. Meher says that my phone is from battery life. Please visit the Shari temple using a charger. Her telephone turns off. Sarab runs outside. HArleen states, where are you moving to? Sarab states we made a massive mistake.
Kulwant states do my face glow?

Ginni states. Kulwant states I use this oil on my mobile phone. It would help if you used it as well. Ginni throws it off. Kulwant states in the event your elephant. You see, correctly, what will I do after you are married. Minni comes.

Minni says I had been so happy so that I needed to happen. Kulwant says it is your mum’s wedding. Minni means to provide us the cash. Robbie says we’ve got to get ready for the wedding day.

Sarab comes there and states Meher you and in such garments? Meher states, do you’ve got the charger? I must say something. He gives her a charger. She provides her charger. Perry and her guys come out. Meher asks sarab to conceal. They hide behind a column.

Minni says because of the two stores we arrived here and consented for Ginni married. Kulwant says it is not anything for us. Minni says yes, donate us it. Kulwant says the bank could start tomorrow morning. Robbie thinks we’ll come tomorrow. Minni states, do you have two stores on your accounts?

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Kulwant claims far more. Minni states show me your balance on your mobile phone. Rana appears in. He reveals the phone signal. Kulwant says I want to predict the supervisor. Is everything alright? Kulwant says yes, supervisor, what my current balance is?

He states about 16 crores. Kulwant says I shall come tomorrow to draw two crores. Bitu says certain.
Perry and his guys are searching for Meher. Meher and Sarab are near.

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