Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 27 March 2020

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 27 March 2020

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 27 March 2020: Tiwari And Reshma’s Horn Ceremony

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 27 March 2020: Anu Vibhu begin laughing watching Davids cheque says that your cheque is worth peanuts for me, Uncle walks in and says I am paying 50 Cr, David says Gulam what do you do here, you trying to fool himVibhu says you duped us those long times,

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Gulam and David get in the debate. Gulpham says I don’t need any crap in Reshma’s wedding. Vibhu rips the cheque and asks David to depart, David says he will attend Reshmas wedding.

Vibhu and Anu congratulate Tiwari, Angoori asks Vibhu the way he and she will probably be related. Vibhu says we’ll continue older generations. Amma drinking.

Gupta makes fun of boys state even Reshma refused you, Tilu says Teeka couldn’t keep this and fell sick. Gupta asks if Tiwari is married why is he quitting Reshma again, Malkan says that he should have billed Vibhu a whole lot, Prem says Vibhu has to be compensated, Tilu and Prem discuss. Gulam says, let’s start the function.

Anu asks Gulam did the cash transfer start, Uncle says you worry about the purpose. Vibhu covers guests and starts the service, Angoori asks how Reshma will place Tiwari ring, Gulam says she won’t, Tiwari must put the bracelet on her horns, Tiwari does so. Angoori feels depressed will separate usAmma says do not worry she won’t .i’m here.

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Amma and David work together. Angoori is performing independently, Vibhu joins her. Angoori begins yelling after the operation. Anu says calm down is fine.
Gulam and Saxena play on the psychological tune.

Tiwari viewing news, Amma says play a romantic movie, Amma says to Angoori I feel relaxed. Angoori says me also. Amma gets ca from Pandit Rampal, ” he informs her that there Is Not Any need to wed buffalo what’s fine.

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