Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 23 March 2020

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 23 March 2020

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Update 23 March 2020 : Vibhuti Offered 50 Crore

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Written Update 23 March 2020: Anu assessing Vibhus invoices, and scolds him for replicating expenditures says am I, idiot, Vibhu says that’s additional mild billowing to your brand new lamp, Anu says one particular lamp won’t, you used this cash, when you have not shown me the invoice, you can fool the entire world not me.

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Vibhu receives a call he places the phone on speaker instructed by Anu, its Ramgulal uncle he asks Vibhu the way he’s performing, also says I called you to tell you Reshma is youthful Vibhu says what exactly do you mean, Uncle says if you take her, I will provide you 50 crore, im coming with her.

Anu asks Vibhu who’s Reshma, Vibhu says that I do not know anything, fantastic night. Angoori on the telephone with Bhori, Bhori informs her that she believes her husband is having an affair and begins crying, Angoori says do not cry I’ll speak to daddy.

We’ll locate some solutions do not cry, go to sleep today. Tiwari asks what’s wrong, Angoori informs about Bhoris situation, Tiwari says that these guys, even following such amazing wife how do they do so, Angoori says im so pleased to have you, Tiwari says my love will continue increasing for you.

Angoori and Tiwari hear puppy crying, Angoori says that this does not sound great, Tiwari says that I understand, how frightening it is. Its Saxena is behaving as a puppy and making odd sounds. Boys see Saxena tied as a puppy, and crying such as puppy,

Malkan says its Saxena what’s wrong with him Saxena says im attempting to sense puppies pain, a puppy has a lot of pain when he cries, im trying to detect, Malkan says precisely what will you gain out of it, Saxena says that the day when you’ll see the response to what pain provides, you won’t be ordinary, only a crazy may comprehend the joy that strain provides.

Tiwari seeing Anita’s film and says she resembles a butterfly that I wont to snare in my backyard, Angoori thinks I’ll get you tea shortly, Tiwari says that I do have one dumb butterfly inside want a smart one such as you, but you never hear.

Uncle tells Vibhu that my Reshma is innocent, Anu says when she remains with Vibhu, she will perish, Vibhu says how come he’s committing me 50Cr, Anu says covetous you, Vibhu says im not accepting her im simply stating, Anu says we do not desire Reshma, Vibhu walks Anu aside says I visit 50 Cr, Anu says firstly that I do not feel he has that sum, also im not greedy, Vibhu says we’ve plenty of instances in case your greediness, Anu and Vibhu begins quarrelling.

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Amma asks Angoori is what fine between her and Tiwari, Angoori says all very high, Amma says this implies Pandit Rampal is quite right, Tiwari walks together with plain water also asks what exactly did he say today, Amma says do not take it gently hear me out stated that Tiwari would remarry, Angoori begins crying, Tiwari says I won’t, Amma says you may, and answer to the is Tiwari must marry a buffalo.

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