Beyhadh 2 Written Update 23 March 2020

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Beyhadh 2 Written Update 23 March 2020

Beyhadh 2 Written Update 23 March 2020: Maya Finds Vikram’s Stories Fishy

Beyhadh 2 Written Update 23 March 2020: Maya can’t link anything with Rajiv. What exactly was he saying? How was Vikram speaking to security afterwards? She tries to go outside but is greeted with Vikram in the doorway. She fumbles. You do not have to be frightened. Police have obtained that man with them.

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Relax. Doc has advised you not to walk too much. Are you going to have Chef Vikram particular coffee? She nods. Maya sits on the ground and opens aback. Vikram seems upstairs. What are you searching for in this back? She says I presumed to alter. He points in their wardrobe.

He shares that it’s her wedding trousseau. He assists her stand. Have coffee. She drinks; it starts feeling uncomfortable. What was from the java? He says it’s hazelnuts. She says I’ve allergies from nuts. Get my anti-inflammatory medication. He starts searching for the medicine but can’t locate it.

She vomits. He asks her when she’s beautiful. She asks for a while. He goes. Maya believes of Vikram’s narrative of the injury, and he has told her until date. She starts writing something about a sheet of paper.

Next Day, Maya comes when Vikram is cooking. He asks her when she wanted something. You might have told me. She assures him, she’s beautiful. She’s concealing a journal behind her spine. He informs her there will be anything with nuts in the home so that I had been cleaning up.

She provides to cook meals for him. She shows him a listing. I shall go and deliver it. He takes the record away from her and goes to read it. She wonders how he’s oblivious of her allergies when he loves her. She starts scanning his analysis for some hint. She finds out the snowy bloodied kerchief that Vikram had retained over Rudra’s face while beating him. She feels odd as she rolls it.

Vikram is currently driving. Maya picks up a tote. The contents drop over because she upturns the tote by errors. She finds a notebook inside.

Maya attempts opening Vikram’s wallet. She can unlock it using the password Princess. Vikram is at the elevator. Maya opens a cabinet and Rajiv’s body drop.

Vikram enters within the home while Maya remains in shock. Vikram looks about for Maya. He goes beyond believing she’s sleeping. He comes to his analysis to select his pocket but finds a sheet of fabric peeking in the cabinet door. Rajiv is standing in the opposite direction than just how Vikram had retained him.

Maya’s mum is considering Maya. It has been a lot of days. I do not even know if you’re not. You’ve been through a whole lot. The God, that which you have trusted so much, is analyzing you now. You used to rescue me in the world, but I’m nothing without you now. I’m sure Rudra should be on the lookout for you. I hope that both Rudra and you’re protected together.

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MJ says that I will sense her presence. Ananya’s dad says you’ll keep feeling. You understand our ten-year-old secrets are going to be outside if Rudra finds Maya. MJ guarantees his friend he’ll handle matters. Ananya’s daddy says mercifully, Rudra delivered Ananya into London if she comes then! MJ says it will not occur. I’ll find her!
He pats Maya’s thoughts. She wakes up.

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