Barrister Babu Written Update 9 March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 9 March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 9 March 2020 Episode Update: Trilochan Goes To Meet Bondita’s Mum

Barrister Babu Written Update 9 March 2020: The Episode begins along with other Bondita requesting anyone to call Anirudh, are they afraid to call him. She says that I will likely go in addition to their call him. Anirudh will come in addition to their asks them to finish every single ritual in detail.

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Bondita asks what is going to I do when I’m consistently after him, how will likely I take a step on. The woman asks what is going on to anyone who does going forward. She states Anirudh won, and then I may well be following him consistently.

Binoy says when Bondita’s mum will come, and then anyone shouldn’t be capable of viewing my face. Trilochan claims are patient, Anirudh can also be performing the rasams, ” I won’t allow Bondita’s mum come listed here.

He believes this time nobody should be able to prevent me from bringing Bondita’s mum listed here. Trilochan asks Munshi to obtain the car prepared; they have got to go within the day. Trilochan states Bahu’s village; I’ve imp work until Anirudh reaches, I should explain a person. Bondita goes to any research and appears for their Anirudh.

He asks, did not anyone sleep. She says I should go in addition to their fulfill mum tomorrow can I go in addition to their meet Sampoorna.

Saurabh involves his room in addition to their sees Sampoorna decked out due to its first night. They often are shut. She gets bashful in addition to their states that I feel nervous. He cried. He asks her to sing music and find if this ends her anxiety. Bondita involves Anirudh back again.

He says the actual dream willn’t let us sleep. She asks the best way to meet desires. He says that I do not, for example, talking much. She states anyone, for example, to dream. He says. She states and then views the this along with other me. He states I’ve seen my dream; I merely to meet the recording.

She says our goal is the same. She asks him to learn with. She believes he can also be reading novels, what will I do this time, mum comes. She sees his pocket in addition to their Saudamini’s pic. Saurabh, in addition to their Sampoorna love. She drops down.

Saudamini believes I will likely view the who has got Anirudh wed. Bondita hides the pocket. He laughs. She asks, are not anyone mad. Anirudh states, no, I had been naughty than anyone in youth. Saudamini finds them laughing. She goes in addition to their sees Anirudh happy in addition to their laughing.

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She believes Anirudh can also be satisfied after marriage; he willn’t care for me. Saurabh asks Sampoorna to sleep on the mattress; he will likely rest on the ground; she can also be hurt. She says. They both sleep on the floor. They grin. Mami says, sorry, we cannot keep your expenses this time.

Maa worries. Trilochan involves to meet them. Munshi greets Mama, in addition to their, asks her to wait. Mami says perhaps he has got begun to take dowry, what is going to we do this time.

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