Barrister Babu Written Update 6th March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 6th March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 6th March 2020: Anirudh Learns Bondita And His Connection

Barrister Babu Written Update 6th March 2020: The Episode begins with Bondita asking do not you remember, do not you eat almonds to get great memory, I’ve written the letter for you that I’ll marry you if you give me candy handi and allow Maa stick with me in case you did not need to agree, then why would you ship the candies. Anirudh remembers the letter.

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Barrister Babu Written Update 6th March 2020: He gets stunned and sees her. He asks did you write this letter of requirements. Anirudh says, remain here; I am just going to come. She says that I will not consume food without performing rasam. She asks are my terms written in this, I have written, uncle had read the letter, else could I consent to marry you.

He says how I will tell your uncle lied for you. She says that I will not whine if you do not give me candy, but get Maa for me, I miss her, I will live without anything, but maybe not without Maa. He believes this only a coincidence that I received her letter; I wished to turn into that woman’s voice, destiny made me tied inside this regard, is this destiny or Lord’s wish. She yells.

Bondita says mum says that we do not meet any one’s eyes, if we’re liar, are you a liar, you understand to guarantee, you do not understand to maintain it. He says I’ll keep my promise. She says it fulfils the rasam and gets my Maa into me. She asks will you meet your guarantee or turned into a liar.

He remembers everything. She asks why not say, did anybody get stuck on your throat, which you are not answering. He thinks we’ll proceed to get your own Maa. She asks. He says. She asks would it seem high to roam just like this reddish face fighter; everyone is going to be fearful of seeing you.

Anirudh cleans the colour. She says quit, can I say anything, are you going to scold me. He asks do I always scold. She says thanks to fulfilling a guarantee; I’ll inform Maa, you’re excellent. He says quit. He thinks I shall say thanks should you listen to me personally, do not call me Pati babu, phone me…

He says okay, pack your luggage; you will satisfy your mum. She gets joyful. Trilochan and Binoy are mad. Anirudh comes and says I’m carrying Bondita for her mum’s home. Trilochan says you can not shoot her for rasam; she can go if her brother arrives to select her. He says there’s no invitation; I’m taking her.

Trilochan asks will that match you. Anirudh says I want to say. Trilochan says this rasam means that her Maayka will honour you, why would you like to go. Munshi says Bondita does not have any brotherly bahu does not have a brother.

Trilochan asks what, what type of woman did you wed, she does not have any brother, does a family proceed with no boy. Anirudh says it does not matter; I’m going to get her widow mum, I assured Bondita that she’d remain with her. They get stunned.

Bondita gets the odour of Rasgullas. She feels hungry and says I’ll have it. Back gets to the seat. Anirudh says inform Saurabh along with his spouse that they’ll come together with us. He says that its a sin, so her widow mum will not arrive here.

Binoy says in case you request anything; we’ll provide you, we will not agree if you would like to destroy our family esteem, you can not get her don’t stain us. Anirudh says I can not know this; I assured Bondita which I’ll bring her widow mum, I’ll keep it.

Binoy shouts I’m your daddy; I do not alter my words, that woman’s mum can not measure within this home, its my house, everybody must bear my principles. He yells. Batuk yells rasgullas. She says I did not get it. He says select it and eat; I’m going to eat candies. He screams and drops down. She yells at him. He asks her to present her hands. She jokes.

Anirudh says I’ll leave this home. Trilochan says cease; we can speak and sort out this. He says Binoythis is my home, too; I considered your family. Binoy says you’ve given them dad’s love; I will not forget this, IU will not allow children to forgive it, are you going to ignore the habits.

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Trilochan says, I won’t ever compromise with my customs, Anirudh you wish to get Bondita’s mum here, fine, but you need to do all union rasams with no drama. Anirudh says you’ll blackmail me today. Trilochan says you believe whatever, Bondita’s mum will come once you meet all rituals, get prepared and come.

Anirudh thinks I will not do routines. Trilochan says Bondita’s bahu will not arrive here, remember that. Anirudh goes. Binoy says you’ve trapped him nicely. Binoy believes we’ll see whether Anirudh does rituals relating to this particular girl, how can he get her mum. (Barrister Babu Written Update 6th March 2020)

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