Barrister Babu Written Update 3 March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 3 March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 3 March 2020  Episode: Trilochan Accepts Bondita In Family

Barrister Babu Written Update 3 March 2020: The episode begins with the guys coming into the ghat. Sampoorna says we must depart out of here. Batuk says that woman is gloomy. Anirudh thinks I’ll see and go; else I must visit the police station.

Trilochan asks them to locate Bondita. Bondita comes to the house and jumps within the window to enter her room. Anirudh opens the doorway and sees her. Bihari sees her. She believes I have captured. He also scolds Bihari.

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Bihari says she was not inside the room. Bihari signals do not know. Anirudh asks, didn’t leap out of the window. Anirudh says there’s some terrible odor; you believe I will not know it. She thinks he’ll observe the wet bed today. Bihari goes to inspect the chair. Bondita worries.

Anirudh says it is your hair oil lousy odor, do not use this oil. She has relieved. Anirudh says, go and clean your hair. He says, gives breakfast for this woman and give her guest room, make my room cleaned, until then I’ll be in the analysis. She believes they’ll know my key.

She says I will not go, am I a guest. She says, why can I not remain here, allow me to stay here. He says, alright, you stay here. Bihari asks where you are going to stay. Anirudh says that I will reside from the analysis, create my bedding. He belongs.

Trilochan yells. He asks how she can remain with you from the room. Anirudh says we are not husband and wife; this woman will stay in my place. I’ll stay in the research. Trilochan yells Bihari. Bihari falls and comes in his toes. He screams and jokes.

He says Bondita was not at the room after which she was at the place when Anirudh assessed; there’s something fishy; everybody knows black magic at the town. Bondita says I need to dry up the seat, then it will not irritate, but this seems cumbersome, I will not have the ability to lift this. She has some thoughts.

She enjoys the cologne. She says its great, what do they predict this. She sprays perfume onto the seat. She says today there’s no perfume in the room, today none will know it.

Batuk says Bondita completed each of the mangoes. Binoy says you do not whine about that woman; she’s the person who owns the home today, Anirudh, that you are going to need to pay a cost for this. Anirudh closes the door. Trilochan says Anirudh must accept that woman, so I’ve sent invites to the relatives.

She says I’d taken a bath in the morning; else it’d get known that mattress… She says the mother said I should not sleep until late about the bed. Trilochan says excellent, she taught you worth. Bondita says, eating meals following the husband eats his meals, believing him Lord, Maa was able to say I will deliver a storm within my Sasural, however did I do something wrong.

She laughs. Trilochan asks, is it essential to laugh. She says that you rhymed words well, I know it. He says be silent; you’re Bondita Roy Choudhary today, you’ve become eldest bahu, you need to aarti and puja daily, I will not hear any explanation, begin today.

Batuk proceeds to consume prasad. Bondita asks him to come back if he did not take a tub. She jokes.
Saudamini yells. Dida asks Somnath to watch her; she did not eat meals because nighttime, she could fall off, convince her today.

Somnath says Baudi, I can not tell Baudi to anybody, except for you. She asks how she can seem, is she’s pretty. He asks that. She says Anirudh’s spouse, let me, is she pretty than me. Somnath asks would Anirudh prefers to see you enjoy this; I’m sending meals, have it. She says quit; I must give a present to Anirudh, do not refuse. He nods.

Bondita rolls Binoy’s toes and greets him. She says that I know you’re my Sasur Ji, I look just like my mom, Anirudh looks just like you, give me a benefit when I’m correct. Binoy goes. Trilochan says I must create her know the household. Anirudh gets gloomy.

Somnath asks why you are hurt, you’ve decided on your life partner. Anirudh asks, do you find the happiness of union on my head. Somnath cries. Anirudh cries. Somnath goes. Trilochan introduces Batuk into Bondita.

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Batuk asks. She says that I m taller than you, you want my blessings right. Somnath comes. She moves to touch his toes. Trilochan asks are you currently in perceptions; he’s Somnath, Anirudh’s younger brother, so you can not touch his toes. Bondita says he’s elder to me and taller too.

Trilochan says woman’s standing is my husband’s reputation, you’re larger than them in position. Bondita says he must touch my toes. Bondita says then telephone me Bondita, Somnath Dada, Anirudh is missing, locate him, I must touch his toes. Batuk thinks you’ll be missing in the huge haveli. Trilochan asks her to proceed to research and choose Anirudh’s blessing. Phool…. .plays… He believes in Saudamini. (Barrister Babu Written Update)

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