Barrister Babu Written Update 27 March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 27 March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 27 March 2020: Anirudh Takes Bondita’s Responsibility

Barrister Babu Written Update 27 March 2020: The Episode begins with Bondita stating I did not do so, I will declare in my mum, I did not even touch it, do not you trust me. Trilochan asks her to quit lying. He also scolds Anirudh. Anirudh believes nausea.

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Trilochan says Bondita only knows to query and assert, does she deserve to keep here, abandon her into her Maayka shortly, send her off. Anirudh throws the certification and conducts to puke. Binoy and Saudamini grin.

Bondita becomes prepared. She says I need to tell you more tales, Maa, and I am overlooking you, I’m am coming to you. Bondita goes together with the maid. Anirudh goes into the patio. Saudamini comes and says that I understand the certification is many imps for you personally, I wish I could mend couple matters.

She says, your heart isn’t incorrect, whatever happens in life is not in our hands, so I have always seen you as a winner, so I am watching you shed today, you and Bondita possess no match, she’s much different, you could not bear her, will you tolerate Bondita along with her dirt, even if you would like, then we could alter this mistake, Trilochan is correct, you need to send Bondita straight back to her mum, Bondita also needs this, right.

Trilochan asks the maid not to inform anyone about Bondita’s matter, individuals ought to know that Bondita has been missing her mum. Therefore we’ve delivered her Maa. He asks Bondita not to arrive back before her mum cures her sickness. Bondita nods.

Trilochan and Binoy maintain her away. Bondita says if there’s a mistake. Maid asks are you feeling awful. Bondita says, does one fish feel awful in water, would you feel terrible to satisfy your mum. I am pleased to go to my mum.

Saudamini hugs Anirudh and says that I can not see you in this problem, you’re always within this problem, send Bondita straight back to her residence, after her difficulty finishes, then decide what to do, can anybody prevent you from performing you’re wishful. Anirudh remembers his union with Bondita. He gets Saudamini away. Saudamini smiles and believes he’ll send Bondita himself.

Anirudh remembers his choice. He conducts to Bondita. Sampoorna stays concerned. He asks her to tell her moans immediately. Sampoorna says no, I did not see Bondita now, and I had been stressed and thought to ask you, didn’t make any mistake.

He says that I make a mistake regularly, why would Bondita come into the river, she’s a bath inside her home, she’s Roy Chaudhary, you’d be regretting your husband isn’t wealthy. Biraj calls for her. She goes. Saurabh believes Sampoorna’s eyes appear accurate, is she intimidates me.

Anirudh arrives at Bondita and says that you won’t go anyplace. She gets the cart down. Trilochan asks does my saying thing or not, will you endure her filthy habit, I had been sending her to Maayka to create her rid of this habit, even if her mum does not instruct her, would we tell her.

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Trilochan says there’s a temple inside this home, you need to keep it clean using Gangajal, how do we maintain the impure bahu. Anirudh says I understand, but you inform me when Batuk did so, could you leave him someplace outside. Trilochan asks is there some limitation of your insanity, how do you compare the Pagdi/turban together with the shoe.

Anirudh says Bondita is not a shoe, but a person. Anirudh asks why you would like to say. She says once I wet the bed, I feel awful, I feel embarrassed, I would like to go for my mum. She says I must conceal everything, allow me to go for my mum. Saudamini believes that you said a good thing, Bondita, you need to go, till then I’ll create Anirudh mine.

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