Barrister Babu Written Update 27 February 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 27 February 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 27 February 2020 Episode Update: Anirudh Runs To Save Bondita

Barrister Babu Written Update 27 February 2020: The episode begins with the widows hoping to take Bondita. Anirudh arrives to fulfill Saudamini. She does not open the door. He says when glass breaks, it can not combine, I understand, but I will attempt to connect your heart. Bondita says that the husband is odd, he yells, gets mad and gives meals, he’s sending me to get mother.

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Bondita thinks I’ll go and bring my Maa. She leaves. Mini asks Anirudh to go into his spouse. Saurabh comes to fulfill Sampoorna. She asks him to figure out about Bondita. Kaki retains her and says that I told you to steer clear of your husband tonight, so you did not think of the terrible omen, come with me.

Anirudh says to start the doorway till I tell my emotions, I will not go, I wish to inform you, precisely what occurred and why I assured you that I’d suggest to you.

He drops there. Mini cries. Tujhe Yaad karliya…plays… She predicts the slave Bhola and sends him. Saurabh hears Munshi along with his wife speaking. He hears about Bondita delivered off. He goes to Anirudh and asks me to get up. He says it is going to be a huge sin, Bondita is going to be known as a widow, being married, get up and rescue her from the curse.

The widows take Bondita in precisely the same boat. They lie they are carrying her Maa. Bondita asks, actually.

Saurabh says if the widows take Bondita into Vrindavan, you will never be able to find her. Anirudh wakes up and asks who advised this, did not anyone stop. Saurabh says, can anybody stop Binoy, do not waste time in this, get up and go, stop the widows, else they will make her child widow, go, rescue. Anirudh runs. Bondita hears the girls speaking.

She quits and says that I won’t sit at the boat, do this boat go to my village, do you wish to take me into other communities, I’m not absurd, I never saw this huge boat in my town, uncle explained that a ship got stuck on the road, how do this boat hit there, let me. The woman scolds her.

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The woman says we’re taking one to Devi maa, your garments and lifestyle will not have some shade, your face glow will likewise be snatched in Vrindavan. Bondita gets stunned. She takes her potli in the girls. (Barrister Babu Written Update 27 February 2020)

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