Barrister Babu Written update 26 February 2020

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Barrister Babu Written update 26 February 2020

Barrister Babu Written update 26 February 2020 Episode Update: Binoy Tricks Anirudh

Barrister Babu Written update 26 February 2020: The Episode Begins with Bondita Speaking to Anirudh’s Household. She speaks innocently. She says that I don’t observe the moment, even for talking or eating, I’m the owner of the house. Trilochan gets mad. He says she’s a child, what can she do when she feels hungry.

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He asks Bondita to consume as much as she desires. He serves her food a lot. He says it will not be pride when a child remains hungry in our house. He says I’m the owner of the house, do not anger me, else I shall burn you with my rage. Somnath says daddy was calling you, are you going to meet him. Anirudh goes.

Anirudh comes to Speak to Binoy. Binoy asks what will probably be incorrect if I get mad, I wanted to take you, I thought it’d hurt me, I thought of it because your daddy and knew you, come on, have a drink, I understand there’s a storm in mind, we’ve got the best to believe after doing, we’ve endured many these storms.

He asks Anirudh to the beverage. Batuk asks will you consume as much food. Bondita says that my appetite is too considerably; I complete all of the food. She stays eating.

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Sampoorna and Saurabh perform the rasams. A woman generates problems for Sampoorna. Binoy leaves Anirudh to drink more. He says you’ll grow to be a tremendous barrister, fight for the love, go and meet Saudamini; she’s broken on hearing your union. Anirudh says you do not take her title.

Back says. Bondita says I’m the owner of the house, you’ll get penalized if you break the rules. Again says I’m a landlord, nobody punishes us.

Anirudh asks how I can get courage. He says Somnath told her about your union, she could not hear it entirely and cried poorly, go, I’ll deal with the remainder, only consider Mini. Anirudh says I’ll meet Saudamini; I’d assured her that I’ll propose her. He yells. Binoy sends him smiles.

Batuk receives a mango and asks Bondita to possess it. Bondita asks why is not there any odour. Batuk says we’ve got such mangoes, in case you do not believe me, then leave it, would you really need it, give me food then you’ll find the mango. He chooses the candies out of her and runs. She attempts to bite the mango. Her toothaches.

He laughs. She believes this mango is imitation. Binoy says Anirudh desired to turn into fantastic and married that girl, however, I won’t accept that girl in this house, we must finish this union and produce the girl off, I understand her uncle is the Samadhi.

Still, she should not remain here; she did not become Sati; she’ll develop into a kid widow. Munshi says, but Anirudh wed. Binoy says Anirudh married her after her union with this guy; our society does not permit the second union,

I’ve called the widows in the order they take the girl to Vrindavan after she goes, she will not have the ability to return, why will Anirudh bear the lousy destiny of her, and go right now and complete this job, she should not be here until the afternoon.

Munshi goes.
Munshi gives cash. The widow says we’ll do the obligation, that girl will remain with us today. Saudamini cries. Saudamini does not meet him. Bondita asks where’s my husband; Maa said to not leave him what to do when he abandoned me.

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Munshi feels awful. Bondita says who left the habits, its incorrect; my mother also remains like that, I do not enjoy wearing white clothing and bald, I like long hair, I would like to dress my mom in this way, I’ll acquire vibrant garments for you. The woman scolds her. Munshi signs. The women ask her to come. Bondita refuses and yells to Anirudh. (Barrister Babu Written update 26 February 2020)

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