Barrister Babu Written Update 25th March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 25th March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 25th March 2020: Saudamini Finds A Golden Chance

Barrister Babu Written Update 25th March 2020: He says when I could, I’d have done magical and made everything the same. She provides him the tea. He says you lied, and you’ve got magic in your hands wanted this particular tea. She gets biscuits. She says, you still got it last time. He cried for the cookies.

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He says its died biscuits. She says preference was similar to before. He says you understand that hygiene is required, you know I can not tolerate anything awful, if you would like the biscuits, I’ll ask my buddy to get it. She says congrats to your level. He says you’ll get a celebration, and I must go and return this publication. She smiles.

She drinks the leftover tea. She gets joyful. Dida comes. Saudamini says Bondita wets the bed during the night, Anirudh has wed a little woman, how can she handle her union. Bondita cleans the space.

Saudamini says fresh bahu must perform a lot to show herself Sasural, will the woman have the sensations. Dida says you’re blessed to get married in a perfect era, Bondita is youthful and got wed; anyways, I am on your side. Bondita says Saudamini is so beautiful, she must get a good husband, never a mad guy like Anirudh.

Dida asks what this is. Saudamini says Anirudh has thrown the previous biscuits, and I believed that he would throw Bondita also. Dida asks why, did he abandon her obligation. Saudamini says that he does not enjoy anything unhygienic, will he endure Bondita, when he understands that she’s wetting the bed daily and breaking up the hygiene. She says Bondita will be going for her mommy eternally.

He says you ought to apologize, why are you avoiding me. She lies to sleep and yells. He yells on her. Biraj sees that and cries. Saurabh’s mother says until we get the five goats, their lifetime should not acquire any love. Bondita pees on the seat and gets up. She says I’ve peed once more. She attempts to cover this up. She says there’s not any perfume, how do I stop this terrible odor. Anirudh comes with Saurabh.

Saurabh says all of the girls go. Anirudh asks, do not you feel bad? She goes to a bath in receptive. Saurabh says no, everybody goes there, and hardly any individuals have their bathrooms just like you. Anirudh thinks we could make public bathrooms for everybody. Saurabh says.

Bondita yells the blanket from the window. Saudamini comes. She hears Bondita stating she’s thrown down the quilt. She believes I shall bring out Bondita’s reality. Trilochan asks why you would like to squander money in creating public bathrooms for ladies. Anirudh says girls can utilize it. Trilochan and Anirudh claim. Binoy stays quiet and hears them.

Anirudh says what the difference between people and animals is, if everyone chooses tub is open, girls ought to be respected. Binoy asks why you are asserting, and you do whatever you want, and you would like to bring a shift. Anirudh says alter by efforts, and I’ll try. Binoy says go and speak with the mayor, if he lets then we’ll provide you cash to satisfy this job, go and reveal your insanity.

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Anirudh says that I have begun to change believing, I’ll take action, the public bathroom is going to be made for ladies. She says you’ve become more intelligent than me, and you’ve got thrown a wet blanket outright, you’ve peed in the bed right. He says I am not a little kid. She says everybody will believe you’ve completed this, and you’ll be punished. Bondita sits fearful and waits for Saudamini.

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