Barrister Babu Written Update 24 March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 24 March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 24 March 2020: Saudamini Learns Bondita’s Secret

Barrister Babu Written Update 24 March 2020: The Episode begins with Anirudh speaking on the telephone. Bondita asks what’s he doing, speaking alone. Saudamini says he’s talking on the phone. Trilochan says your spouse has stolen the men’s clothing, does that look fine, you aren’t scolding her and encouraging her.

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Anirudh asks why there is not a bathroom in the home. Trilochan gets mad. He says you forgot the way you used to bath in the river from youth, and you’re presently taking a bath in the bathtub, you’ve left the bathroom in the home, did anybody believe our Lord is at the house, we’ve got the temple, why did you create the bathroom here, I have a dread of Lord and go outside to take a bath.

He asks Anirudh will he build the household girls get equal to these guys. He asks Bondita to state. Bondita says. Anirudh asks what exactly do you want from girls, and you want girls to go out to take a bath, how is it possible, bahu ought to have ghunghat in your home, and she ought to discard the ghunghat and take a dip in the river. Bondita says, its the habit, I’ll go to the river.

Trilochan says she’s more practical than you. Bondita says no, I’ll go. He yells and asks her to have a bath just in the home’s bathroom. He goes. Anirudh cries I’ll continue to keep a watch on you Bondita, it is going to be wrong if you go there. Bondita thinks everything got poor as a result of this.

Bondita remembers Anirudh’s anger. Batuk comes and disturbs her of Anirudh’s passion. Bondita says I want Maa was here and can explain to me how I will speak to you. She goes to the phone. She chooses the receiver and begins talking to Maa.

He says that you are not here, I get frightened and wet the bed at night, Anirudh requested me to not go to the river in the morning for bath, he makes too mad if I do not go, then everybody will get crazy for me, they could punish me, I would like, what to do. She yells and asks Maa to state. She assesses the telephone and retains it back. She says you’re eight years old, and even you wet the bed at night, do not deny, I’ve heard all come together.

Saurabh’s mother makes Sampoorna prepared. Biraj throws dry leaves, Sampoorna. Sampoorna cries. Biraj brings her hair. Saurabh’s mother asks her not to hurt her. Biraj asks her not to say anything, she’s given birth to Saurabh, Sampoorna is her bahu. She warns Sampoorna against going near Saurabh.

She says steer clear of him every circumstance, and I understand I’d mailed you to Saurabh, and today I’m denying, you did not receive the goats as dowry from the loved ones. Saudamini asks Bondita how did not everybody knows about it. Bondita says Sampoorna comes and cleans my clothing. Saudamini asks how did anybody not see the moist bed.

Bondita says that I sleep with this seat, I spray cologne on the place and keep it out, I do so to have saved out of Anirudh’s punishment. Saudamini says that is the reason why you’re adamant about taking a bath in the lake. Bondita asks her to clarify Anirudh.

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Saudamini thinks Anirudh is going to be mad, understanding that and make you from home.
She says that I will assist you as far as I can. Bondita hugs her and says, you’re perfect. Saudamini thinks you won’t ever understand that I’m so weak, you’ll go to your Maa, and I’ll become Anirudh’s spouse. She goes.

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