Barrister Babu Written Update 20 Feb 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 20 Feb 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 20 Feb 2020: Anirudh Saves Bondita

Barrister Babu Written Update 20 Feb 2020: The episode begins with the police officer stating this nation won’t ever change. Anirudh says no, my country will change. I’ll do it independently. Maa yells for Bondita. Mami retains Bondita and leaves her to make the rounds.

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Anirudh takes the gun against the police officer. The old guy receives a heart attack and falls. Anirudh comes there and appears on. Everybody is shocked. Vaid assesses the more former groom and says he’s dead. Mama says that he was fine just today.

The lady says that the challenge is with this woman, she’s unlucky, he’s died for her. Munshi asks Anirudh to go, and this union can not occur, the groom has expired, if anybody sees you, then they are going to blame you. Anirudh says I’m not scared of anybody.

Munshi says I’m fearful of Saurabh’s union; I ask you to go, give me the gun. He sees police officials coming. Anirudh says I’ll trust you if something wrong happens for this woman, I can not forgive you and this girl. Munshi asks the driver to take Anirudh’s house and not return. He quits the police.

Sampoorna runs on Bondita. The lady says closing rites will occur, Bondita must also die with her husband. Mama says she’ll live as a widow, but she will not die with her husband. The lady asks is she a wealthy class brahmin, you did not send your widow sister along with her husband.

Therefore this is occurring, Bondita must go to paradise with her husband. Sampoorna asks did union whole, and sindoor Daan did not happen, how did she become the old guy’s wife. Mama says Bondita can perform this ritual.

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He believes in Bondita. He thinks I left her, did I make any mistake. The lady says Bondita is going to be worshipped as Devi probably. Maa hugs Bondita and means that you can not kill her, itsDharm, I ask you not to do so let’s go. The driver says Munshi advised me not to take you back again. The women tie Maa. The lady asks them to prepare Bondita’s closing rites. Maa yells and yells.

Munshi agrees. Bondita is taken for the last rites using the older groom. Maa yells and gets mad. She runs. Anirudh comes. She begs him to rescue Bondita, and they’ll burn her living and also make her Sati. Anirudh says I’m going, cease, where did they go, catch up. Anirudh stops the folks.

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The guys attack him. Anirudh struggles them. He asks them to return. Maa comes. Anirudh asks her to manage Bonita. He combats the guys. Anirudh lighting a firestick and invites the guys to respond. The petroleum barrel falls. Anirudh warns them, says there’ll be only fired within this village when anybody touches this woman. He is lighting the fire and leaves the folks away. (Barrister Babu Written Update 20 Feb 2020)

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