Barrister Babu Written Update 2 March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 2 March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 2 March 2020 Episode: Anirudh Learns Bondita Is Missing

Barrister Babu Written  Update 2 March 2020: The Episode begins with Bondita maintaining her things in her room. Anirudh believes of Saudamini and cries. Saudamini says it’s painful, Anirudh’s love is going to be poison for me. Dida thinks he’ll come to speak with you; he would like to let you know about his feelings. Saudamini said when we discussed the love we ought to talk about the pain also.

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Barrister Babu Written Update 2 March 2020: Dida says you misplaced love, are you going to eliminate the friendship. Saudamini says I only want my love, not friendship. She believes in sleeping on the sofa. She says, how do I sleep alone; I’m addicted to sleep Sampoorna. She gets fearful of visiting the drapes. She feels chilly. He goes.

He chooses the cushion and goes outside. He sleeps on the couch. Its dawn, Bondita wakes up. She says Maa will come following rituals, and I’ll ask my husband to perform rituals quickly.

She says I’ve made the bedding saturated, that will save me today, they’ll make fun of me. Bondita hides. She cries. Batuk says I don’t like that woman, and she’ll do something wrong. Anirudh asks Dida to provide him with an opportunity to fulfil Saudamini, and he wishes to state why did he do so.

He says I’ll accept her choice, and I will share her pain. Dida says she will not fulfil you, and her dad moved out, you come if her daddy comes home, I’m with her, and I will not allow you to hurt her, go. He goes. Bondita says how did he understand that I’ll do something incorrectly,

Mami told my husband will throw me out when this occurs, what will I do today, I’ll wash clothes and come, nobody will understand why did my clothes get wet, but how will I go, this boy is standing outdoors, what if he comes in and sees, he’ll tell everybody. She believes in going from that point. She says that I need to conceal the wet bedding too.

She says that I will take a tub and come, I shall find out what to do. She cries her clothes from the window. She gets the window using a saree. She sees some girls going into the lake coast. She believes in going there. She runs after those girls. Saudamini says, however, why do I think he came.

Dida says that you don’t understand his love, he advised him to go into his spouse, did you overlook, why could he come, it is his life’s fresh beginning, perhaps they are preparing for rituals. Saudamini cries. She goes. She says will I clean this. Sampoorna sees her and calls out her. Bondita runs for her and hugs.

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Saurabh’s mother and Kaki visit Bondita and inquire why didn’t come here to have a bath and wash clothes. Bondita says I had been lonely and got frightened, and the bedding got wet, I did not tell anyone and arrived to take a bath. Sampoor says I’ve come, and I’ll clean your saree.

Saurabh’s mommy calls. Sampoorna says I’ll wash clothes and come. Saurabh’s mother says fine. Bondita says now nobody will know about it.

Trilochan asks Bihari to go and determine if Bondita awakened, he wouldn’t compromise with all the rituals. He also scolds Bihari. Binoy seems on. Anirudh says if that woman is not bahu, then will the ceremonies occur. She’s only my duty.

Trilochan says she’s the spouse for the entire world, are you going to inform the world that she’s your duty, Binoy gave you the final opportunity, you do not hear, all of the rituals will be retained. He asks Bihari to wake Bahurani. Bihari goes. Trilochan asks Anirudh to prepare for rasam. Bondita says there’s not any girl in my Sasural.

Sampoorna informs about her mum law. Bondita says you do not tell anybody, my spouse is odd. Anirudh thinks I will not become a part of any rasam. Sampoorna asks Bondita to take good care. Bondita says Maa stated she’ll come shortly, until then… Sampoorna says I’m on you, I’ll wash your clothes and tie the saree.

Bihari looks for Bondita from the area. He says where did she go, why did she maintain cushions, Anirudh is mad; he can smack me. Trilochan yells out. Sampoorna says everybody will know whether the bed starts stinking, go house fast and hide this seat quickly. Bondita says.

Bihari says Bondita is not inside the room. Trilochan asks where did she go, did anybody see her. Somnath means check kitchen; she could be eating meals. Batuk says I did not see her. He asks Binoy what did you do, did you send her someplace, I will not tolerate this particular tie. Binoy yells paper and says we’re abiding this, and I did not see her. (Barrister Babu Written Update 2 March 2020)

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