Barrister Babu Written Update 19 Feb 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 19 Feb 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 19 Feb 2020 Episode Update: Anirudh Stops Bondita’s Marriage

Barrister Babu Written Update 19 Feb 2020: The Episode begins with Mama likely to lock Bondita’s mommy within the area. Mama welcomes and goes to the groom. Anirudh believes its great society is allowing marriage within this era. He dances with the girls. Bondita faints. He was stunned. He yells stop this marriage.

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Everybody looks on. Maa hears the folks speaking. Anirudh says I will not allow this marriage to occur. Munshi asks what occurred, why can not this marriage occur. Sampoorna gets shocked viewing the old man.

Maa says I believe something wrong is happening. M ama asks who will stop the marriage. Munshi says he’s our Chote Malik, he does not know customs, he studied came and abroad.

Anirudh says this marriage isn’t right, its a bad habit, its torture with this woman, I’ll stop this. Maa says do not understand who you are, but you’re Lord to get Bondita. She appears outside and yells. She says you’ve come to rescue Bondita from bad men and women.

Munshi says its not erroneous. Mama says the bride is my niece, her along with her mother agreed for this particular marriage. Anirudh says you’re lying, that will attempt to visit such hell. Mama says you’re blaming me, I’m uncle, I gave her love just like her daddy. Anirudh says alright, we’ll ask the woman, how can she say, she is not in sensations, inform me. Mama says she’s sleeping, she’s a child.

Anirudh asks Munshi to phone a physician, he’ll state when this really is really asleep or unconscious. The groom’s family asserts. Mama says that this marriage is not occurring for the very first or last period, it occurs. The man asks Anirudh to not interfere with the marriage.

Anirudh asks what joy will the woman get by this marriage, I’m Anirudh Roy Choudhary. Maa yells Bondita… Everybody becomes shocked. Maa says somebody saves her. The old man says that I have married, however, I never got insulted, if she does not turn into my wife, then she will not be living.

Maa yells the door and cries for assistance. Sampoorna asks Saurabh to rescue her sister. Mama says stop, she’ll become your spouse, leave her.

Anirudh says that I will not allow this marriage to occur. Anirudh goes. Mama becomes relieved. Maa says where did he move, why. Saurabh says daddy, whatever Anirudh is stating is not erroneous. Munshi says that you don’t pick it, stay away.

Anirudh goes into the village and looks like something. The officer belongs. Maa divides down the door and runs outside. Mami grabs her and asserts. Maa runs on Bondita. Officer says that its not a crime, we’ve seen it. Anirudh claims with them.

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He asks will not the woman have a voice, its own incorrect, will I leave it on destiny. Anirudh says I understand laws shortly. Officer says there isn’t any regulation for women’s rights in your own country. Anirudh asks what is using me being a barrister.

Officer says no usage. Mami says it will not be helpful for Bondita, you’ll regret a good deal when she’s left at the mandap. She also brainwashes Maa. Maa asks will you do so with Sampoorna additionally. Mami says I adored Bondita such as Sampoorna. Maa goes back into her chamber.

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