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Barrister Babu Written Update 18 Feb 2020: Mami Tricks Bondita

Barrister Babu Written Update 18 Feb 2020: The episode begins when Mother tells Bondita about her husband as God. Bondita asks innocently. Mother smiles and asks how you think about all this. Bonbita feels hungry. Mother says that now you can’t eat anything, your fast is until marriage.

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He tickles her and makes her laugh. She says the neighboring woman will beautify you. Bondita asks if it doesn’t suit me. Mother says I wish I could see you well. She thinks I have to lie to her, otherwise, she won’t be ready for marriage. She says that I will come after a few days, once the ritual is completed.

Bondita says come with me. The mother says it’s not my luck to see your marriage, but you dress well. Bondita says no, that you sit close to me. The mother says I can’t go. Bondita asks why then I can’t go. She goes. The mother stops him. Bondita says to send Barat back. The mother hugs him and tells him to stop now.

Bondita says ok, I will get married, you can at least see my marriage happen. Mum cries Anirudh says I will propose a mini today. Batuk says he will agree. Munshi asks to bless Trilochan, he is about to take Saurabh’s wife. Binoy says I can’t come, I have a meeting.

Trilochan scolds Munshi and asks him to buy a gift with money. Anirudh says that Saurabh is my friend, I will come and give a gift to the wedding. The scribe thanked him and left.

Binoy says you had to talk to Minnie. Anirudh says yes, I will come back and speak to him. Somnath says I will make arrangements. Anirudh says that the relationship is determined by luck, it cannot be broken. Mum says Bondita would be angry to see the old groom.

Mami says he will pass out after eating this sharp pudding. He asks how he will eat, he is fasting. He says I know, food is his weak point, he will break his fast and eat kheer. They smile.

Mini plays the piano. Anirudh arrives and embraces her. Flirt. He says I can see the love in your eyes, you can’t break my heart. He says I don’t trust myself, I do something unimaginable. She laughs. She asks him to show his madness.

He passes. She runs away. Barry Piya……. Have a moment. She falls into his arms. His shoe broke. He says I don’t wear it until you tell me your feelings. He asks why. He says I’m crazy too, I waited a long time to listen to him, don’t expect me today, otherwise, my heart will break. He smiles.

Anirudh arrives at Saurabh’s wedding, sees the old groom and asks for the ritual. Munshi says that groom Anirudh asks if it is a widow’s wedding. He feels that if we can get married at this age, then our world will change, the thinking of these people will change.

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Bondita dresses up as a bride. Mami comes and says that your husband will fill your mang and make you lucky. Bondita asks what it is. Mami says you must be hungry. She pushes him. Bondita asks me why you are telling me to break the rules today.

Mami says you remember my love, don’t scold, eat kheer. Sampoorna arrives and says that you did not feed me, I am older and I have the first right to eat it. Mami thinks that if he eats kheer, everything will pass out. He says you can’t eat it now, your rasam muhurta has started, Bondita is a girl, follow the rules.

Sampoorna is right. Mom says, don’t tell anyone, it’s only fair to call mom’s love as mom’s love. Bandhita nodded. Mami sends Sampoorna and feeds the kheer to Bondita. Do you think Bondita will pass out now and become that old man’s wife? (Barrister Babu Written Update 18 Feb 2020)

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