Barrister Babu Written Update 17 February 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 17 February 2020 Episode, Written Update

Barrister Babu Written Update 17 February 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 17 February 2020: The episode begins with Somnath and Batuk cheating on Anirudh, who comes to see Saudamini. They praise the child. Anirudh got angry. The boy and his family come to Saudamini and like them. Anirudh arrives. Bhowmik says that he is Anirudh, son of our neighbor Binoy.

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He asks do you have any work? Anirudh says no. Bhowmik says we were waiting for you, how did you get there? Anirudh says I came to get the books, I will take them. Bhowmik says yes. Anirudh gets angry. Saudamini goes after her.

She asks which book do you want. He asks why you ask. He gets angry and asks if he wants to marry the boy. She asks why I don’t get married, I would like it, I want you to understand me. He makes her jealous. Anirudh says I will not come in your way.

She sees his anger and realizes that he loves her. She goes with the guests and goes mad to scare them. Bhowmik smiles. Anirudh reaches there and laughs when he sees her. Guests are saved.

She laughed. Dida is coming Mini says Anirudh had to come, I won the bet. Dida says that you had to bow to her, you gave up. Mini says that Anirudh tells me that you love me and I will marry you.

Sampoorna and Bondita sit for their turmeric. Bondita waits for the letter. Sampurna says that maybe the postman will get the letter for you, it is time for it to arrive. Guests arrive. Bondita is still sad. Sampoorna asks him to be normal.

Barrister Babu Written Update 17 February 2020: Bondita asks Mami to send the turmeric back. The mother asks how you will get married. Bondita asks if I leave my mother, I want my mother till I get my answers, I am not doing wrong. The woman says that she is very rude. Mummy asks her to sit and asks women to apply her turmeric.

Bondita throws turmeric to Mami’s face and escapes. Bondita makes mommy get tired. She says you crossed the Laxman Rekha and arrived at the town square, where only men can come. The women wear the veil. Men scold women. Bondita laughed. The mailman arrives. He gives the letter to Bondita.

Mom comes there and looks. Bondita says it would be better if you read it. The mailman says give it to me, I will read it. Mom asks mom to go see who has written. Mom takes the letter and says I’ll read it, the mailman will have a lot of work to do. The mailman gives him a sweet handi and asks him to eat well.

Mom says I’ll read it … Your letter can’t reach your husband, don’t lower your voice, take your mother with you, I’ll support you, contact me, I’m a lawyer, I’ll get your rights. Bondita asked if I agreed with my conditions. He says if Bondita says give me handi for dessert. Mami takes her for turmeric. Anirudh is upset.

Batuk asks if you are waiting for Mini. Anirudh says no, to that letter girl. Batuk asks if he wants to marry her, only Mini will become the daughter-in-law of this house. Anirudh says that maybe I will need that girl to convince everyone not to do women injustice, I wish I could meet her.

Batuk says I have a horse, we can leave. Anirudh joked and hugged her. He says I love you so much. Batuk asks for more of that letter girl. The mother gets excited and sees Bondita.

She thinks that Bondita wakes up so early, keeps her well, is too young. Anirudh read books about the country’s independence. He says there is no book for women’s freedom.

Binoy comes and says that you want to bring a change in society, you’re not like a change in your room, okay, I’m going to have Saudamini as my daughter-in-law, I talk to Bhowmik about your marriage.

Anirudh says: I have a request. Binoy says that you are now my height, tell me as a friend. Anirudh says I want to talk to Saudamini and tell him my feelings first. Binoy said with laughter that you wanted to propose, I thought you had forgotten everything, well, remember, propose it soon.

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Anirudh says I’ll talk to Saudamini tomorrow. Go to Binoy. Trilochan says it is good that you explained to Anirudh, he will be in love and forget all this.

Mommy then gets mad at Bondita. The mother comforts Bondita. Mami asks who will clarify all this in the house of her in-laws. Mom thinks. (Barrister Babu Written Update 17 February 2020)

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