Barrister Babu Written Update 12 March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 12 March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 12 March 2020: Bondita Meets Her Maa

Barrister Babu Written Update 12 March 2020: The Episode begins with Anirudh requesting the children to escape from the vehicle, else they’ll get hurt. Bondita says they’re my buddies. Mami gets mad to watch Bondita wearing expensive jewellery and clothes. Bondita gives candies to your own buddies. Maa seems on.

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Barrister Babu Written Update 12 March 2020: Sampoorna and Bondita inquire Mami how did she become so weak and slender, why did not she get obese, is she feared for them. Bondita says I need to fulfil Maa. Anirudh remembers the union. Saurabh says Anirudh does not distinguish between master and servant, but we can not overlook it, Anirudh will do quests .

He states Bondita is Anirudh’s spouse today. Bondita says I’ll go to fulfill Maa. Maa says you can not fulfil me before rituals finish. Bondita says I do not wish to perform more rituals, so I wish to meet you personally, I need to hug you. Maa asks her to perform all come and rituals, does not she like her mother. Bondita cries. Maa asks her to not shout.

They wash tears and grin. Bondita belongs to Anirudh and states we’ll do rasam quickly, then we’ll fulfil Maa. Anirudh sits. He quits Mama from washing his toes. He says I will not do so rasam. Anirudh states no. Mami says we’re indebted to you for providing a location to our daughters on your residence.

He requests Saurabh to allow somebody else to sit . He requests Bondita to phone her mum. He states Saurabh and I’ll wash your feet. Saurabh nods. Mama says we will not do this particular sin. Anirudh says you need us to perform this particular sin, better phone this ritual off. Mama asks him to take a little present.

Maa believes Anirudh also concerns like Bondita. Bondita asks can I fulfill Maa now. She requests Anirudh to come and fulfil Maa. She says that I must create Maa eat veggies. Anirudh states come, we’ll find the fruits out of the vehicle. They receive the fruits. Bondita requests him to come, she’ll give 1 fruit.

He inquires won’t Maa feel awful. She states she is quite fine, she asks me to discuss things. He states that you fulfil your mom, I’ll meet her afterwards.

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She inquires, are you afraid to meet with her. He inquires. She states she’s a widow, everybody is fearful of her darkness. He states I’m not scared. She inquires will you meet with her. He says, are you going to take me. She states you take several fruits and say that you have it, she’ll be pleased to find the present, she gets presents.

They move. Anirudh sees the space and believes it would be rough for her to remain here with no essentials. Bondita asks him to fulfil Maa. He says she does not wish to fulfil me. Maa speaks to him. She says you’re a boon for Bondita, what boon shall I provide you.

Bondita states you bless him he is a landlord, he’ll provide you with a present if you bless. Maa presents Anirudh. Bondita indicates the fruits. He sees the present. He cried seeing them. Bondita asks Maa to possess meals. Maa refuses.

Anirudh states prepare to come together with us, we’ve begun to accept you. Bondita asks Anirudh to inform everything to Maa. She says that I have begun to carry you.

he states there’s everything, you discovered a fantastic husband for me personally, but you are not there, I really don’t enjoy anything with no, I was hungry and forced the bread drop-down, Anirudh gave me much food, he’s quite fine, he gave me a huge bed.

Bondita says its spouse’s work. Anirudh says that there are servants in the home to operate, Bondita is younger, my obligation, I’ll come afterwards. Maa asks her to bear matters.

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Anirudh inquires is it great to educate Bondita to tolerate incorrectly. Bondita says that he supports me. She inquires about Ganesh golden idol, just how is she performing the puja with no idol. Maa worries.

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