Barrister Babu Written Update 11th March 2020

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Barrister Babu Written Update 11th March 2020

Barrister Babu Written Update 11th March 2020: Saudamini Meets Bondita

Barrister Babu Written Update 11th March 2020: The Episode Begins with Bondita playing Batuk. Bondita inquires how I can assist. Anirudh asks Saurabh to wait patiently, and he’ll go and watch Bondita. Sampoorna enjoys the vehicle. Saurabh says we will not like, I’m his slave and need to sit quietly, I will not secure equivalent to him.

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Barrister Babu Written Update 11th March 2020: Saudamini asks Bondita who’s Anirudh’s spouse, do you understand, can you inform me. Bondita says, I will tell you. Saudamini asks is that she pretty than me. Bondita states I will reveal to you. She eliminates the sack herself off. She states me, Anirudh’s spouse, Bondita. Saudamini gets stunned, seeing her.

Does she inquire about you? No, you’re joking, this is not possible, he can not do this. Anirudh comes. She asks Anirudh to inform he is married. Saudamini believes why did he marry a small woman. Bondita inquires why did you wish to meet me, who’re you. He asks her to remain quiet. He states Sampoorna is awaiting you, will not you like to satisfy your mom, go.

She belongs. Saudamini says there isn’t any comparison between her and me. She moves to grin. He belongs. She inquires Anirudh crazy to marry a tiny woman. He says that he wished to state that in the correspondence. He provides Anirudh’s letter. Anirudh writes that I was helpless to wed. She smiles. He says it’s only his insanity to deliver a revolution.

Saurabh assesses the vehicle. Bondita asks just how much moment. Anirudh says automobile engine got hot, and we’ll depart after a time. Bondita states bullock cart is much better than this vehicle, can not this car soar. Anirudh says aeroplanes are being built overseas. Bondita says we’ll even have wings to fly. Saurabh says women get no liberty here, how do they operate. Anirudh states they’ll fly.

He states Bondita will receive all of the respect of the loved ones if she obeys all of the habits and principles, ask her not to be uncooperative. Mami says, she’s stubborn. He says she’s stubborn and needs her mother to remain with her and tell me, can mommy remain in kid’s in-laws, what do I mean when Anirudh is too stubborn, he wishes to get you home,

I will not allow this to happen, you’re sensible and understand what, if Anirudh has Bondita here and asks you to come, you deny, you’re her mother and understand to describe her. Maa seems on. Mami says I shall explain everything to Bondita.

Trilochan thinks I will not disappoint you if you direct her directly. He gives them cash. Mami says we’ll clarify her nicely. She states you take back the money, if Anirudh did not wed Bondita, then her life could have ruined, you approved Bondita in the household, love and honour her, I

‘ll send Bondita off rather than show my face for her life when it’s about her joy. Trilochan warns her it goes. Munshi takes the cashback. FB ends. Maa believes I must clarify Anirudh and Bondita I can not come together.

Anirudh states the women will soar with liberty. Bondita states get me wings; I’ll fly. Sampoorna asks her to become silent. Anirudh says let’s the state. Bondita states we had to sing when we had to travel. Saurabh signals Sampoorna not to sing. Anirudh thinks I will not drive today.

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Saurabh says that they won’t sing, but do not worry. Anirudh says that I will push if everybody sings else I’ll feel tired, sing today. They sing. Anirudh drives. Saudamini happily loathed and stemmed to Dida. Dida requests did you go insane, and I advised you not to go there.

Saudamini states Anirudh has wed a small woman, he’s done this to deliver a revolution, but this is not a union, he’s a toy for himself, he’ll be the only mine, always. She smiles.

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