Anupama Written Update 10th August 2020

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Anupama Written Update 10th August 2020

Anupama Written Update 10th August 2020: Devika Praises Anupama

Anupama Written Update 10th August 2020: Kavya says that I was planning to depart for home. Anirudh says that I have begun to get the home’s duplicate keys, so I expect you’ve got the keys. She says, let’s go. Anirudh says complete the assembly; until then, I shall have something in the canteen. However, we’ll go home together now. He retains Kavya. Vanraj gets mad.

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Devika comes to fulfill Anupama. Anupama gets pleased to see her. Devika provides her very best teacher award. She says I’m so glad you have come to be a teacher. Devika greets them introduces himself.

Anupama says he’s Baa’s brother. She says Anupama tells a whole lot about you, I will easily guess you. Anupama believes if Vanraj sees Devika, afterward… Vanraj gets a phone and disconnects. He gets the vehicle. Kavya says you did not answer my call. She says that it’s my regular clothing, you look adorable once you get envious, I’ll speak afterward.

Anirudh comes and praises her. Kavya says I shall call tomorrow. Vanraj gets mad. Kavya asks what was. Anirudh says that I was talking about you, relation bankrupt, it’s not finished, I’ve some appropriate. She warns him, says you’re my previous, I can not ruin my gift, we’re married only for the title, wear your clothing, should you fall sick, I’ll not take good care. He cried.
Devika speaks to everybody. Baa signals Anupama. Devika says I forgot to mention I m going to Mumbai tomorrow I thought to remain here, we’ll have pleasure. Anupama worries. Vanraj comes residence. Mama ji says she’s Anupama’s buddy Devika.

Devika says I’m glad to satisfy you. Personally, I heard a great deal about you. He says to me also. She says Anupama does not discuss anything except you, Anupama is indeed blessed to get an understanding, affectionate and loyal husband, so that I wish I was lucky, my spouse and economical and characterless, he was able to deceive me, that also with his secretary, can you believe it. Vanraj worries.

Devika says I’m going to Mumbai tomorrow. I chose to keep here with Anupama tonight, so I hope you do not mind. Vanraj says, maybe not at all.

Samar says it is going to be an enjoyable time. Paritosh says yes, enjoyable time. Baa asks that they will examine. Pakhi says we can correct it. Vanraj smiles. Anupama goes to him and carries his luggage. She provides him water. Vanraj says, get me tea into my area.

She asks him whether he’s upset. He asks how it can matter. She says that I will send Devika should you state. He asks what is going to state your husband does not like her forthcoming. She says that I shall make a justification.

He says cease it; you ought to have broken your connection using Devika, proceed and appreciate today, at least maintain my admiration facing her. Anupama goes. He says daddy has lots of friends, but you also can not have a buddy.

He asks her to begin living for a day at a minimum, reside as Anupama. Anupama goes and functions the dinner. Devika says you’ve come to be a specialist in cooking. Vanraj says she’s done this all her life. Devika appears at Anupama. Baa informs about rituals. Devika asks Anupama for java.

Baa says, do not forget about cooking meals for two days. Baa asks Devika to telephone Vanraj as Jija Ji. Devika says Jija Ji is much better, and I’ll get a permit to flirt with him. Anupama goes. Devika sees him occupied on the telephone. Devika says many dishes, not one could say you disliked cooking, and she was able to hate cooking, she simply loved novels, she utilized to study all of the time, we used to call her a bookworm.

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Paritosh asks as she’s good in research. Devika says she had been a topper, and she got married, else she’d have completed a govt job now. Anupama’s children grin. They inquire more about Anupama. Devika says Anupama was able to get first prize in classical dancing. Anupama proceeds to get sexy rotis.

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